Deborah, My Love

I'd do it all again!

Where I Proposed

Hey my girl.  I never get tired of this spot in Pioneer Park, where I proposed to you 11 years ago.  Was on a day like this picture.  Used to be a bench right here.  You were wearing a long green skirt.  You said yes and my life changed forever.

It is ironic that you can see our house (which didn’t exist at the time I proposed) from this very spot.  So cool.  Must be a God thing.  I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.


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Million Dollar Life

Everyday with you is like the beach at sunset – calm, peaceful and beautiful.  Thanks for all the great getaways.  They never get old.  You make me feel like a millionaire.


Your guy

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My Life Rocks

My life with you rocks!  You inspire me so much…to be a good father and husband and to go after my dreams.  As much as I’d love to be rock star, I’d rather be your rock star.  You make me feel like a rock star anyway, so who needs that lifestyle!?  I’ve got my biggest fans at home and they ain’t dangling from the ceilings.  So here’s one for you…

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Sounds of a Rocky Oregon Beach

Don’t you just love this place! We’ve traveled here many times and it never gets old. Some of my best memories with you are our adventures at this beach. Thanks for showing it to me…

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Real Men Do This

Real men go to a “her choice” lunch with their wives and order a Sandwich called “Queen” at a restaurant called “The Vegan.”

Real men watch a biography on the Bee Gees with their wives and wake up with “Tragedy” running through their head.

Real men go shopping with their wives and sit through the countless dressing room try outs.

Real men babysit so their wives can go shopping.

Real men watch “chick flicks” with their wives (and love it!).

Real men wash dishes.

Real men know how to vacuum and mop.

Real men cook meals regularly with their wives.

Real men carpool with their wives.

Real men reserve lunch dates with their wife units.

Real men do a preliminary tax return estimate on Christmas night for one more surprise present for their wives.

Real men get out of debt for their wives.

Real men work, kill it and drag it home for their wives.

Real men plan out every month’s spending with their wives.

Real men spend most of their spare time with their family.

Real men would rather be with their wives than doing anything else.

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Long Live Long Beach

Lots of good times here, huh! From getting stuck in the sand more than once while driving on the beach, getting stuck inside while it pours outside, to getting bad greasy food – the good times far outweigh the few glitches. There are quite a few hidden gems like those cool lighthouses and hidden coves. Can’t wait to go again.

What a great place to get stuck

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Rude Wake Up Call

Okay. I can get you jumping on me and pulling off the covers to wake me up. But showing our daughter how to put a frozen loaf of bread on my back or spray me with a water bottle, well, that’s just too much! But that’s the kind of house I live it, and I love it.

Somehow I never try to get even!

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Basement Apartment or Beach Shack?

It wouldn’t really matter where we live, if we’re together. A basement apartment could work just fine if we had to…although a shack at the beach would be better! Here’s to many more years of shacking up together.

Let's build a beach shack!

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Thinkers and Taskers

It’s funny how we’re so much alike – analytical and always needing to complete a task. Good thing, otherwise we might drive each other crazy. Actually, you do still drive me crazy!

Sweet contemplations

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Always Glad To See You

It never ceases to amaze me how you stay so easy to get along with. More than that, you always make me feel like the hero. It’s easy to love you. Sometimes you worry that you’re the spoiled princess – nope, I’m the spoiled prince.

Always glad to see you!

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